Your Community Funeral Home

The relationship between Walker Brothers Funeral Home and the communities of Spencerport and Churchville is not a typical business to customer relationship.  It is a unique relationship in which the families of Spencerport, Churchville and the surrounding villages see Walker Brothers Funeral Home as an integral part of the community. A part with which they feel a sense of personal pride and connection.

For over 150 years, our two Walker Brothers Funeral Homes have been the community funeral homes for Spencerport and Churchville. On a practical level, this is because of our convenient, centrally located funeral homes. Located in the heart of the villages of Spencerport and Churchville means that we are close to your family and friends. With ample village parking nearby we are also close to churches and the village cemeteries.

More importantly, we have become your community funeral home because of our shared heritage, our shared values and shared belief that all life is precious. As a community, we believe that when someone passes it is important to take some time to gather together and honor the life they lived. Our role in the community is to facilitate this time of gathering and honoring and to be the trusted resource that you can lean on for support.

The Village of Spencerport’s theme is “Someplace Special”. At Walker Brothers we truly believe that Spencerport is a special place filled with special people. We treasure our role in this community and work hard every day to honor those who have passed.

Churchville’s theme is “Preserving Our Heritage and Planning for the Future”. Once again, we believe this theme perfectly captures the spirit of Churchville and our role in the community. At Walker Brothers, we see ourselves as people who are responsible for preserving the story of a lifetime while at the same time helping families plan for the future.

The team of dedicated, compassionate people working at Walker Brothers Funeral Home see themselves as caretakers of your community funeral home. It is not a responsibility we take lightly.