A solution to take away the burden of paying for a funeral.

All too often we are not prepared for the costs when a funeral is needed. It may seem out of reach to have the funeral service you’d like to honor a special person in your life.
Walker Brothers is pleased to offer a 6 month, no-interest loan to cover funeral expenses.

No need to juggle your current finances.

Feel comfortable paying for a funeral without coming up with the funds 
up front or overwhelming your credit card.

Easy application process
We can help you apply online, it's quick, easy and there is no commitment in applying.

You decide your loan terms and monthly payment
You are in charge. Set the terms and payments that work for you.

Quick pre-approval
A pre-approval often takes only seconds.

6 months interest-free loan
Take the extra time you need to pay for funeral expenses.

If coming up with the money now is the only thing holding you back from having a meaningful, life-honoring event
this could be the solution for you.

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Endorsed by the National & NYS Funeral Directors Associations